External Sources

The following contents are collected and referred by AI4Finance community during the development of FinRL and related projects. Some of them are educational and relatively easy while some others are professional and need advanced knowledge. We appreciate and respect the effort of all these contents’ authors and developers.


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DRL Algorithms/Libraries

[1] Documentation of ElegentRL by AI4Finance Foundation.

[2] Spinning Up in Deep RL by OpenAI.


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Trading Strategies

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Financial Big Data

[1] FinRL-Meta: A Universe of Near-Real Market Environments for Data-Driven Deep Reinforcement Learning in Quantitative Finance. NeurIPS 2021 Data-Centric AI Workshop

Interpretation and Explainability

[1] Explainable Deep Reinforcement Learning for Portfolio Management: An Empirical Approach. Guan, M. and Liu, X.Y.. ACM International Conference on AI in Finance, 2021.

Tools or Softwares

[1] FinRL by AI4Finance Foundation.

[2] FinRL-Meta: A Universe of Near-Real Market Environments for Data-Driven Deep Reinforcement Learning in Quantitative Finance, by AI4Finance Foundation.

[3] ElegantRL: a DRL library developed by AI4Finance Foundation.

[4] Stable-Baselines3: Reliable Reinforcement Learning Implementations.


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[1] Coursera Overview of Advanced Methods of Reinforcement Learning in Finance. By Igor Halperin, at NYU.

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